Diana Bracco: “Medicine is changing radically and will become more and more personalized”

Trieste, Italy , 10/25/2019

Personalized diagnostics is playing an increasingly significant role because it ensures targeted therapy,” stated Diana Bracco while concluding the workshop titled Diagnosis and therapy: a look into the future promoted by Bracco and organized during Meet in Italy 2019 in Trieste.

The challenge now is to understand the genetic data in order to translate it into clinical information, fully integrating all available tools. Radiomics is a perfect example. In a technological world where digitalization is now widespread, artificial intelligence and big data will constitute an area of ever greater focus for us. This is why we have launched Innovation Hub, combining the expertise of the Bracco Group with that of the Italian Diagnostic Center.

Diana Bracco at the Meet in Italy 2019 in Trieste