Diana Bracco at the Radiomics convention in Palermo: “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will make medicine ever more personalized”

Palermo, Italy , 06/26/2019

The future of Radiomics comes from the joint effort between science, academia and business, because business realizes that it must be close to academia in order to support it in new developments, and this is a revolution.” The statement by Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Bracco Group, was made on the occasion of the forum “Radiomics: the future is here. Dialogues with Engineers, Physicians and Physicists”, held in Palermo in the main hall of the University Polyclinic’s Department of Radiology.

Big data and artificial intelligence will increasingly help doctors with making diagnoses and with choosing the most effective therapy for each patient,” continues Diana Bracco. “In other words, thanks to data obtained from X-ray scans from all over the world, it will be possible to enrich the medical history of every single patient and increase the predictability of the diagnoses: in short, prevention will become ever more accurate and personalized. The relationship between health, medicine and technology is destined to become closer and closer.

The congress on the medicine of the future, organized by the Department of Biomedicine, Neurosciences and Advanced Diagnostics at the University of Palermo, the CNR (National Research Council), the Italian Diagnostics Center in Milan, and by the Biomedical Campus University in Rome, was opened by Sicily’s Regional Minister of Education, Roberto Lagalla, by Adelfio Elio Cardinale, President of the Italian Society of the History of Medicine, and by Massimo Midiri, Head of the Department of Radiology.

Diana Bracco was made an Honorary Member of the Italian Society of the History of Medicine for having promoted and supported the history of radiology and medicine.

Our Italian Diagnostics Center is dedicating a great amount of attention to Radiomics, a decidedly current and cutting-edge discipline in medicine. In addition to this series of gatherings, which before here in Palermo was first in Milan and, after, in Naples for the arrival of 'The Beauty of Imaging' exhibition at the Città della Scienza, the CDI is organizing the international congress 'Radiomics and Artificial Intelligence 2020: from Technology to the Patient', to be held this November 15th,” concluded Diana Bracco.

Diana Bracco at the Radiomics convention in Palermo