Diana Bracco: “The relationship between health, medicine and technology is closer and closer”

Milan, Italy , 11/20/2019

In the future, thanks to the application of artificial intelligence to CT scan, magnetic resonance and PET images together with a person’s genetic ancestry, we will be able to judge how aggressive a tumor in one specific patient is, and to identify which would be the most effective among the numerous advanced treatments that are available today.

Radiomics, in fact, is a new approach to analyzing medical images, meant to obtain quantitative information that would be otherwise undetectable.

This represents a true paradigm shift, one to which the Italian Diagnostic Center (CDI), has dedicated “Radiomics and Artificial Intelligence 2020: from technology to the patient”, an important international convention. Among the most interesting applications discussed during the event were oncology, with a particular focus on prostate, lung and breast tumors, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The progressive blending of knowledge means that an integration of skills is required in order to carry out medical research today. Different scientists will need to work together in a multidisciplinary context, free of cultural barriers, in an exchange of experience and expertise which will then be made available to the patient in the shortest possible time.

That is why the Bracco Group has chosen to expand and enhance its research model, launching the “Bracco Innovation Hub” at the Human Technopole. Here, researchers from both Bracco Imaging and the Italian Diagnostic Center will work side by side in three major areas: data science, personalized medicine and new industrial pharmaceutical technologies.
"The relationship between health, medicine and technology is closer and closer,” affirmed Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Bracco Group and the Italian Diagnostic Center (CDI). “With the new hub, which will coordinate with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genoa, we will create a tool to systematically explore the impact this paradigm shift will have on the diagnostics of the future. Bracco has been successfully operating at this forefront for over 90 years, to the benefit of its patients."

Radiomics for medical imaging