Bracco to be part of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

As an Official Gold Sponsor of the Italy Pavilion, Bracco takes the Italian model for life sciences research and innovation to Expo 2020 Dubai by presenting cutting-edge health, safety and prevention solutions, with the use of artificial intelligence in diagnostic imaging at the top of the list.

Expo Dubai 2020, Italian Pavilion
Expo 2020 Dubai, Italian Pavilion

The Beauty of Imaging
Expo 2020 Dubai, The Beauty of Imaging

One of the things we are now seeing,” declared Ms Bracco, President and CEO of the eponymous Group, as well as former president of Expo 2015 and General Commissioner of the 2015 Italian Pavilion, “is a revolution in the world of medicine brought about by the progressive integration of molecular biology and biotechnology with digital technology. Italy is at the very heart of this revolution thanks to its distributed nationwide network of first-rate public and private research facilities and innovative companies that represent the cutting edge of our industrial system and account for more than 10% of GDP.

The Italian Commissioner for Expo 2020 Dubai, Paolo Glisenti, said the participation of the Bracco Group would offer a striking and cogent demonstration “of the excellence of Italian healthcare expertise in, for example, the field of diagnostic imaging, where a great deal of innovation is currently taking place as a result of the adoption of a multidisciplinary therapeutic model.


The Bracco Group’s contribution to the Dubai event includes an installation with a multimedia display celebrating scientific knowledge and discovery, as well as a large reproduction of one of the Riace Bronzes. The installation is intended to raise the awareness of the visiting international public of the importance of Life Sciences and, in particular, illustrate how diagnostic imaging is one of the most significant discoveries in the arena of contemporary medicine.


Working with a large number of partner companies and entities, including ALISEI and CLAN, two technology clusters of, respectively, Life Sciences and Agri-Food industries and institutes, Bracco is also organizing a calendar of events and initiatives at the Italian Pavilion dealing with the future of medicine, disease prevention and nutrition. The aim is to raise awareness of the tight bond that links human health with the health of the planet.

Two events will be dedicated specifically to the theme of "Women and Science" and will form part of the calendar of events in March 2022 reserved for women. One of these events, an education and training project on Expo themes, is the fruit of a partnership between Fondazione Milano per Expo, Fondazione Politecnico and the Women’s Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai.

In November 2021, to mark National Day in Italy, Fondazione Bracco (the Bracco Foundation) will sponsor a grand concert at the Accademia della Scala, to be attended by dignitaries from Italy and other countries, especially the United Arab Emirates.


In view of the opening of the Universal Exposition, the Bracco Group has implemented various initiatives. The first was a webinar on 15 December 2020 entitled "#BeyondResearch and Innovation: Bracco at Expo 2020 Dubai" which was attended by, among others, President Diana Bracco, Commissioner Paolo Glisenti and the Italian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Nicola Lener (WATCH THE VIDEO).

On February 2, the Bracco Group took part in a global digital initiative promoted by Expo 2020 Dubai dedicated to health and wellness issues. The event brought together experts from all over the world and offered a preview of the meetings that will be held on these topics in many of the over 190 national pavilions during the “Health and Wellness week” of the Universal Exposition. Italy will present a research model and original solutions for health and safety in a scientific diplomacy operation that focuses on innovation, involving companies, universities and research centers from all over the country (WATCH THE VIDEO).

Another important Bracco event held in the run-up to Expo 2020 Dubai was the webinar "#BeyondLifeScience - Research & Innovation in the era of precision medicine" on March 15, 2021. Precision Medicine is a new paradigm for the treatment of patients. Increasingly customized and personalized approaches to individual patients will highlight the specific characteristics of each person in terms of genetics, lifestyle, and their environment. As a result, tailoring the right therapeutic strategy for the right person at the right time, identifying any predisposition to disease and delivering timely and targeted prevention will be made possible. Precision Medicine represents the immediate future and the role of diagnostics in that field is crucial. This is why, today, Bracco is carrying out important programs in precision diagnostics with investments in the development of new products in Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Fluorescence Guided Surgery, as Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, CEO of Bracco Imaging, also highlighted during the opening of the webinar.


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Bracco @ Expo 2020 Dubai
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Expo 2020 Dubai, Opening

Expo 2020 Dubai, Italian Pavilion

Expo Dubai 2020, Padiglione Italia
Expo 2020 Dubai, The Beauty of Imaging

Expo Dubai 2020, Italian Pavilion
Expo 2020 Dubai, Italian Pavilion

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