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Bracco won Galeno Italy 2002 award


A new Bracco product for medical diagnosis has won the Galeno Italy 2002 award for the innovative drug category. The Galeno Award for pharmaceutical research has been present in various European countries for over 30 years and in Italy since 1996, and it awards those companies that develop highly innovative drugs of recognised excellence.

The Bracco product that was awarded is a newly conceived contrast medium for Magnetic Resonance which is extremely effective. It is the original result of the Bracco Research Centre in Milan; this contrast medium is quite unique for its wide range of possible applications and its toleration level. Its peculiar properties have been checked in more than 300,000 tests for diagnosis of cerebral, spinal and liver pathologies. In clinical experiments in angiographies using Magnetic Resonance that are still under way, it improves the visualisation of even the smallest peripheral vessels which otherwise cannot be clearly identified.

The Jury was chaired by Professor Rodolfo Paoletti, director of the Pharmacology Institute of Milan University, and underlined the effectiveness and innovative nature of this contrast medium, which increases the number of possible applications of Magnetic Resonance diagnosis, especially in liver injury due to cancer.

The clinical research, that has been performed to test its effectiveness, has shown that the use of this product increases the amount of diagnostic information available in a considerable number of patients. With this contrast medium, extra information is available which allows identifying the traits of even the smallest injuries and it can also detect injury in critical zones, which are all fundamental requirements in deciding the best treatment for the patient.

Diana Bracco, Chairman and Managing Director of the Bracco Group, collected the Galeno 2002 Award.