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As a leading family-owned player in the field of Diagnostic Imaging, Bracco is focused on contrast imaging and works deliberately to provide the healthcare industry with advanced imaging solutions made to meet the challenges of modern medicine and contribute to successful clinical outcomes.


These evolving challenges drive us to perfect new tools, engineer innovative medical devices, and continue the advancement, as the progress of medical science never sleeps. Bracco's sights are fixed firmly on the future and our role in reimagining that future.

The purpose of
Our journey is people

At Bracco, the purpose of our journey starts and ends with people; the individuals, and the teams who come together to further evolve the future of imaging. We begin with the simple notion of combining people, knowledge, technology, investment, research, and compassion to improve the lives of others.


With people at the core of our journey, Bracco is focused on the development, manufacture, and marketing of contrast agents, medical devices, and more advanced solutions to improve the diagnostic imaging journey of professionals and the public. By better equipping clinical specialists with the latest developments in diagnostics, the lives of countless millions are enhanced and supported daily. As medical and healthcare technology continues to evolve, Bracco stands at the forefront of advancing the treatment of existing conditions and uncovering solutions to problems that have yet to be imagined.

A matter of fact
Bracco at a glance



1.7 billion

in total annual revenue


of turnover is reinvested in R&D


active patents


research centers
across the world

The sum of multiple parts


In the same way that it takes many players and many skills to make up a team, Bracco uses every asset available to make sure that we remain an example to follow in everything we do.


We have gathered the vast knowledge of the world's leading scientific and engineering problem solvers and wrapped it in a package of innovation and sustainability to serve the health and well-being needs of both local and global communities.



We support and promote knowledge


In addition to our role as a provider of training programs, we maintain constant links with the local and global scientific community through partnerships, training, and inter-institutional events.


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We value people, innovation, and planet


Our aim is not just health, but the well-being of all. Through continuous research, we ensure state-of-the-art products and sustainable processes.


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Laboratory researcher looking through a microscope.


We do research because life must progress


We drive scientific progress with the aim of facilitating and improving precision in diagnosis and therapeutic treatment.


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