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We pride ourselves on being one of the most prominent players in the field of CT. Our reputation is built on the trust and confidence that the community has in us. That confidence is everything to us – and makes us morally bound to keep fulfilling those emerging needs in the market.


At Bracco, we offer an increasingly large portfolio of products (contrast media, medical devices, and software) and services (scientific, educational and application support, as well as imaging protocols). We firmly believe that it is the combination of proven product offerings and valuable expert service from our people that earns us a trusting and consistent name in the industry.


It's not just a solution, it's an experience


Choosing a Bracco solution is never just choosing a Bracco solution. With REFER, we are by your side with our people, products, and services. Because "services" is not a mere word, but the dedication of people with outstanding and specialized skills. Smart solutions always come from people and technologies gathered in one dimension.

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CT and the
Bracco impact

Bracco is one of the world leaders in diagnostic imaging and offers a CT product portfolio that ranges from contrast media to medical devices and advanced contrast delivery systems. From the first non-ionic ready-to-use contrast medium to the one with the highest iodine concentration available on the market, Bracco has always provided the radiology community with innovative products and solutions.

Bracco's CT Exprès contrast media injector

The “Bracco in CT” story is powered by innovation and education, its characters are people and products, and its scenario is written by the CT users in a context in which evolution is not always predictable. CT and diagnostic imaging in general were among the first medical technologies to be digitalized and they are also among the first to benefit from the development of artificial intelligence and data-driven medicine.


Convergence of data, where, for instance, genomics and imaging data would support – together – access to always more accurate diagnosis and always more personalized therapeutic decisions could be among the main technological innovation in the near future. But innovation will always be meaningless without the appropriate education, as technology will not replace people in medicine as artificial intelligence will need to be managed with increasingly efficient emotional intelligence.

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