Bracco’s “The Beauty of Imaging”

Lands back from Expo Dubai at STEP FuturAbility District, Milan

Bracco’s “The Beauty of Imaging” lands back from Expo Dubai  at STEP FuturAbility District, Milan

The multimedia installation explaining the importance of diagnostic imaging is now on display at STEP, to relate the future of radiology and precision medicine.

Milan, 10 November 2022 – Beauty and harmony, a journey halfway between reality and inspiration. This is the essence of The Beauty of Imaging, a multimedia installation from the Bracco Group – a world leader in diagnostic imaging – now on display at STEP FuturAbility District. This new space to connect with the future opened this May at Piazza Olivetti 1, Milan. 


Directly from being seen by visitors from all over the world in the gardens of the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, where Bracco was Official Gold Sponsor, The Beauty of Imaging reveals the human body by observing it from the inside. It is now becoming an integral part of the itinerary at STEP, which plays out in dynamic installations, immersive spaces and multimedia screens. 


Indeed, STEP is a technological, informative and experiential space, created to connect the community with the near future and give everyone the opportunity to embark on a journey to acquire greater awareness of the ongoing digital transformation and its repercussions on all areas of our everyday lives, in both working and private aspects. It is designed to look further into issues related to new technologies and to help people to find their way in a rapidly changing world, by contributing to the construction of an inclusive digital society where everyone – with no exceptions – can discover the tools and skills they need to be confident in building their future. 


“The integration of molecular biology, biotechnology and digital is revolutionising medicine”, said Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Group. “Italy is a pulsating hub of this revolution, with its widespread network across the country of authoritative public and private research facilities and innovative companies. For example, our business is helping to shape the future of prevention and precision medicine, to improve doctors’ and patients’ lives: The Beauty of Imaging tells our story. Among other aspects, the Bracco Group becoming Scientific Partner of STEP will breathe life into a series of initiatives, including a technical and scientific seminar and a laboratory especially for schools”.


"The Beauty of Imaging enhances the engaging itinerary at STEP, a space for observation undergoing constant updates, as we promised. It is designed to broaden horizons to the future and to help visitors learn more about the ongoing digital transformations”, said Alberto Calcagno, CEO of Fastweb. “The future is always fast-paced and partly thanks to this installation and the partnership with Bracco, visitors to STEP can find out more about the countless opportunities digital technologies offer to the world of medicine”. 


During the presentation, which benefited from a scientific contribution made by Professor Federico Cabitza of the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Beyond the Scenes received its world première screening. This video tells the story of the impressive installation, from its genesis to the impact it had among the international visitors to the World Expo in Dubai. 


The Beauty of Imaging is an exciting, first-of-its-kind work: 4 metres tall and consisting of 82 screens made up of 225 ultra-high-resolution LED tiles, this major, totemic representation of anthropomorphism draws inspiration from the Classical Greek proportions of the Riace bronzes, with a powerful reference to the genius of Michelangelo, to Giovanni Battista Bracelli – a 17th-century engraver and painter, and all the way to the 20th century and Picasso’s reworking of form.


Like an explorer, Bracco’s The Beauty of Imaging, with its architectural design by Studio Giò Forma, brought to life by videos produced by Mauro Belloni and Cromazoo, will now take on the guise of an imaginative portal, ready to take visitors to STEP on a long journey. It all begins with what can be seen to the naked eye, progressing to the minutest components of the human body. 


Florian Boje from Studio Giò Forma explained: “we asked ourselves: “what if”, what if we could go beyond, into the future and into images. Bracco has put us in a position to work with major talents, and as a team, we are tasked with and have the opportunity to create wonders. We do our best to assist in that magical moment when something ordinary – like the human figure or images – becomes a wonder; it becomes extraordinary”. 


Mauro Belloni stated: “Our intention with this installation was to play on a provocation: we call on visitors to proceed through a realm straddling the real and the unreal. We started off with the human figure, central to the story of imaging, which we wanted to transcend. We’ve transformed the Colossus into a portal to a different, distant world: the new frontiers of diagnostic imaging”. 



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