The Bracco sustainability manifesto
Innovation with respect for all



In medical imaging, we know one view is never enough.

We need a complete perspective, with all the context, to make the decisions that truly matter.

So, at Bracco, we measure, manage, and report across the triple bottom line, and the entirety of our value chain.

Building plans for innovation that unite our people, to have as much respect for the planet as we have for the human body.

Because at Bracco, we understand that a healthy world is sustainable

and, our patients are too important to make decisions based on a partial picture.

Always accountable
Governance, responsibly

We care as much about the way we achieve results as we do about the results themselves: a fact attested to by our 27 years of Environment reports and five years of Sustainability reports, as well as our commitment to the UN Global Compact and our partnership with The Sodalitas Foundation.

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2023 ecovadis medal
Bracco Imaging has won the Gold Medal from EcoVadis, one of the big names in sustainability ratings
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Stories from our
2022 Sustainability Report

Conducting business in an ethical manner, supporting continuous innovation, fostering collaborative relationships with healthcare professionals, and implementing policies and actions for sustainability are all ways in which we embody our commitment. We have chosen to tell the Bracco story through the voices of our people.

Below you will find some of the interviews included in the report.

The voices of C.H.A.T. Project

Clear Expectations, Habits, Alliance, Talk: a project to bring generations closer and encourage a dialogue culture.



It's time for a new energy

From mere consumer to producer of renewable energy: 2022 marks the start of the Renewability project for Bracco. In partnership with other industrial consumers, united towards the goal of decarbonization.

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