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Diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine

Diagnostic nuclear medicine


Diagnostic nuclear medicine is a type of molecular imaging that uses very small amounts of radioisotopes attached to a targeting molecule, together called a radiopharmaceutical, to image the body. Radiopharmaceuticals are able to show physiological functions inside the body, not just the anatomy. Such insights can assist physicians to personalize patient management and care.


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Therapeutic nuclear medicine


Therapeutic nuclear medicine, also known as theranostics, combines tumor-targeting molecules with a therapeutic dose of radiation. This combination is able to selectively target cells associated with disease whilst delivering a therapeutic dose of radiation to kill tumor cells specifically. 


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coronary artery images
Improved coronary visualization with
Cardiac PET

We have a long and proven track record in driving the cardiac PET imaging agenda. Since the late 1980s, we’ve invested heavily through research, innovation, and clinical testing – we were the first to put significant investment into cardiac PET myocardial perfusion imaging, or MPI, also known as nuclear stress tests – and we’ll never stop advancing our technology and services to supply the market with only the best solutions. You might say we’ve set our hearts on it.


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