E-learning is the future
We believe
E-learning is the future

Like all technological advances, e-learning has come a long way. With these advances, Bracco has placed e-learning in the hands of our partners, our customers, and healthcare professionals. Using customer webinars and lectures on specific industry topics, hosted by top international and local experts, Bracco gives access to an unprecedented and hugely valuable knowledge repository.

Empowering employees
The benefits of e-learning for all

Bracco has led the way in the healthcare industry with advanced e-learning programmes for employees. These programmes are designed to lead the employee through a path of continuous learning about our products and services in a novel and beneficial way. Because competence is confidence.

Using both gamification and access to specific knowledge programmes, we help our employees fully understand every aspect of our industry and its importance in the modern world.


E-learning has proven its worth by demonstrating higher levels of knowledge retention while being a fun and convenient way to learn.

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