Kinevac® (Sincalide for Injection) is a cholecystopancreatic-gastrointestinal peptide hormone for parenteral administration that has a physiological effect on the gallbladder. 1

Its main use is to stimulate gallbladder contraction during diagnostic imaging examinations to help medical professionals evaluate gallbladder function. Kinevac® has been shown to be a more accurate measurement of Gall Bladder Ejection Fraction (GBEF) than fatty meal because its effect is consistent and predictable. 2, 3.


Kinevac® is contraindicated in patients hypersensitive to Sincalide and in patients with intestinal obstruction. Due to Kinevac®’s effect on smooth muscle, pregnant patients should be advised that spontaneous abortion or premature induction of labor may occur. Adverse reactions to sincalide are generally mild and of short duration. The most frequent adverse reactions were abdominal discomfort or pain, and nausea.


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