From qualitative to quantitative analysis of linear data cross-platform compatibility, VueBox™ is a general-purpose software application for quantifying tissue perfusion using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (DCE-US).

VueBox™ is a quantification toolbox designed to analyze DCE-US DICOM clips obtained with a wide range of ultrasound systems. Its unique Bracco-patented technology and linearization process allow quantitative assessment of perfusion.



VueBox™ is intended for Clinicians and Researchers interested in:


  • DCE-US perfusion quantification in any type of tissue


  • Obtaining reliable perfusion parameter values


  • Processing data acquired with different ultrasound platforms


  • Documenting analyses in a synthetic report


  • Retrieving and comparing examinations performed on different dates


  • Documenting their work for publication purposes



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Key features


  • Analysis of DICOM clips from different ultrasound systems*


  • Linearization of video data for accurate measurements


  • Optimized curve fitting based on Bracco-patented technology


  • Compatible with bolus and replenishment kinetics


  • Multiple parametric images


  • Short processing time thanks to parallel programming optimized for multi-core processors



Additional features


  • Fully automatic motion compensation


  • Easy-to-use clip editor


  • Multiple window interface using tabs


  • Concatenation of multiple clips


  • Automatic detection of contrast arrival


  • Saving and retrieving of user-drawn Regions of Interest


  • Automatic management of side-by-side display (contrast and B-mode)


  • Length and area measurements


  • Real time clip player


  • Clip anonymization



Management and report of the results


  • Saving and retrieving of context and results of the analysis


  • Export of graphs and images (BMP, TIF, JPEG), data (Excel compatible) and clips (WMV)


  • Customizable and easy-to-read analysis report.



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