The US shortage crisis: Bracco Imaging’s CEO statement on New York Times

shortage crisis

“These restrictions are not impacting Bracco products supplying the North American market. However, given the shortage of a major supplier, over the past weeks Bracco has experienced an influx of orders from facilities looking to purchase our contrast agents.


Of course, this is a major concern for Bracco; we are always concerned about patients’ safety and quality of care, and we are already adopting serious steps to help guaranteeing that we can meet demands and enquires with a reliable supply of contrast media to support non-Bracco’s customers for critical emergency procedures.


At the same time, Bracco is proactively working with the FDA and we submitted a request for importation for an equivalent product of the same class, widely used in Europe and other fifty countries, which is not yet approved in the United States. Bracco is continuously working on risk management measures to proactively prevent shortage of contrast media and has been investing in increased manufacturing capacity. Bracco relies on multiple facilities to secure business continuity and backup in terms of supply to the US market.”


Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, Vice-Chairman & CEO of Bracco Imaging.

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