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Our attendance at major medical conferences and forums around the world is a key component in our strategic mission to make that uncompromising Bracco mark on the future of diagnostic imaging.  we want to stay close to the scientific community, interact with our customers, exchange ideas, and listen to what is on their minds, and passionately showcase what is on ours.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the liver is performed for a variety of reasons.


The clinical situation dictates the protocol used for any given exam.


In Diagnostic Imaging knowledge of the patient’s history and clinical information is fundamental to answer the clinical question. This is particularly true with liver MRI, where different contrast agents provide very different information and require unique protocols.


To explore this topic Bracco is pleased to invite you to participate in our new series of webinars on Liver MRI, which be held during the months of October and November entitled “Confident diagnosis in MRI of the Liver”, broadcast in 3 episodes.



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