World's first hydraulic-powered MR injector eliminates batteries and associated issues.


The EmpowerMR® Contrast Injection System is a state-of-the-art integrated contrast injection system designed to meet the demands of today's advanced MR procedures. MR conditional for use with 1.5T, 3T, and up to 7T scanners, EmpowerMR® has kept pace with the rapidly changing MR field. EmpowerMR® was the first injector to employ hydraulics rather than an electric motor to power RAMs. This innovative hydraulic power system virtually eliminates RF transients as well as concerns about artifacts due to RF frequency distortions. EmpowerMR® also has a range of features to provide peace of mind. And its intuitive, user-friendly interface makes operation amazingly simple.

A contrast injection system designed to advance safety and enhance productivity in the MR suite.


The EmpowerMR® Contrast Injection System offers a full range of integrated features to enhance safety and improve productivity while helping you achieve optimal images.




  • MR conditional with scanners having a static magnetic field strength up to and including 7T
  • Battery-free hydraulic drive system eliminates concerns about RF transients that could interfere with imaging





  • ARM mode allows software to run diagnostic checks prior to injection, as well as guarding against unintentionally starting the injection
  • Tilt lockout helps minimize the risk of air embolism by ensuring that the injector runs only in the down position
  • Color-coded illuminating handle lets you know whether the injector RAM is in motion
  • KVO feature provides added assurance that vein remains open
  • If an overpressure condition occurs in this mode, the system automatically pauses the injection and notifies the technologist to check for occlusion





  • Nonmagnetic injector head allows flexible placement, with no limits on proximity to scanner
  • Color-coded keys on either side of the injector handle allow you to test, arm, run, and stop the injector from whichever side is more accessible
  • Remote with color LCD display panel featuring visual prompts to guide you through the process and soft keys to control the injection procedure from the control room
  • User-friendly remote display with anatomical identifiers allows easy viewing and programming of protocols with up to 8 phases (3 phases when saline is included)
  • Stores up to 50 separate programs
  • Easily accessible Help function provides instant on-screen operational guidance IRiSMR® software database in remote captures and stores 12 months' worth of contrast, injection, and patient information





The IRiSMR® Data Networking Application captures, consolidates, and analyzes the information you need to help manage budgets, control costs, and improve workflow efficiencies.

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