SonoVue® is a second-generation ultrasound contrast agent, designed and optimized for pressure resistance: this is the result of many years of research and development within Bracco.


The research led to the selection of SF6, a gas with low solubility in blood for the gas phase of the microbubbles and a phospholipid monolayer for shell1,2,3SonoVue® was approved in the European Union by a centralized procedure on 26 March 2001, and is currently marketed in 36 countries worldwide. Today, the possible clinical applications of CEUS are listed in the guidelines published by the Federation of European Ultrasound Societies (EFSUMB)4.

Physical and chemical characteristics


ready-to-use suspension / vial 5 ml
number of microbubbles / ml suspension approx. 2 · 108
gas content (SF 6) / ml suspension 8 μl
average diameter of microbubbles approx. 2,5 μm
microbubble size range 1 - 11 μm (90% < 6 μm, 99% <11 μm)
osmolality approx. 290 mOsmol / Kg
viscosity < 2 mPa · s
pH-value 4,5 - 7,5
stability after preparation 6 hours




SonoVue® is presented as a kit. The needleless kit includes all the necessary material for


SonoVue® preparation:


  • 5 ml saline 0.9 % pre-filled syringe
  • a minispike
  • a vial containing gas and lyophilized powder.

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SonoVue® should not be administered to patients with known hypersensitivity to sulphur hexafluoride or any of the excipients. The use of SonoVue® is contraindicated in patients with recent onset acute coronary syndrome or clinically unstable cardiac ischaemia, including: ongoing or evolving myocardial infarction; episodes of typical angina at rest in the 7 days preceding the examination; significant worsening of cardiac symptoms in the 7 days preceding the examination; recent coronary artery surgery or other factors suggestive of clinical instability (e.g., recent changes in ECG tracing or changes in clinical or laboratory data); acute heart failure, class III/IV heart failure, or severe arrhythmias. SonoVue® is also contraindicated in patients with known left-right shunts, severe pulmonary hypertension (pulmonary artery pressure > 90 mmHg), uncontrolled systemic hypertension, and adult respiratory distress syndrome. The safety and efficacy of SonoVue® have not been studied in pregnancy and lactation, therefore SonoVue® should not be administered during these periods.