The Bracco Group is proud to collaborate with many Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations to support their activities and to disseminate scientific information.


This support comes in many forms, including sponsorship and unrestricted educational grants, aimed to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge among healthcare professionals and to support their training.


Bracco recognizes the importance of providing educational programs, support, and training that meet the unique needs of today's healthcare providers. Ultimately, our goal is to improve patients' lives also through advanced education for diagnostic imaging professionals.


Our collaboration with scientific associations provides Bracco with a deeper understanding of the needs of healthcare professionals and patients who use our prescription medicines. At Bracco, we fully support transparency in the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations, and therefore we ensure compliance also with the EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) Disclosure Code.






EFPIA Countries:


United Kingdom


The Netherlands



Bracco also fully guarantees transparency in the relationship between the medical device industry and healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, and other parties, and therefore we can also guarantee protection with the Code of Ethics of Confindustria Medical Devices regarding the transparency of transfers of value.



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