CT Exprès™


A unique 3-channel syringeless contrast media CT scanner injector.


CT Exprès™ Contrast Media Delivery System is the result of several years of development targeted at better satisfying customer's needs, cost containment considerations and safety concerns.

Its unique disposable cassette permits delivery to be made directly from standard Contrast Media bottles, featuring multi-dosing and programmable automatic saline flush, which addresses a major need in today's imaging techniques.
CT Exprès™ offers the most convenient way of administering Contrast Media in hospitals and private imaging settings.


The CT Exprès™ offers a way to control contrast utilization. The system represents significant advances in cost management, workflow, automation and flexible programming. These factors make CT Exprès™ an ideal cost management and patient care enhancing tool for the radiology practice.
The CT Exprès™ represents a completely new approach to the delivery of contrast media and the use of disposables which simplifies the preparation of the injector.


Safety combined with a non-time-consuming preparation is a major issue in the daily routine. With CT Exprès™, contrast media is drawn directly from the contrast media bottles. Therefore there is no need to recharge syringe or make replacement in-between patients.


There is less manipulations required for each procedure, change over from patient to patient is dramatically shortened that helps to increase safety and workflow resulting in the ability to see more patients each day.

The patient and procedure driven approach of the CT Exprès™ helps to reduce the waste of contrast media. Through the flexible contrast media reservoir the multi dosing capabilities result into the right dosage for each patient and procedure. The use of larger contrast media bottles reduce costs as well. Furthermore, the automatic saline flush feature allows for no residual contrast media left in the tubing.


Since the multidosing capability is flexible, the user can tailor the volume of delivery to the specifics of the patient, without waste. This also appeals to the technical X-ray professionals who may be interested in dosing, based on patient weight or condition.
Having two fluid sources provides greater flexibility for the professional to multidose, or to incorporate automatic saline flush along with injection.


Finally, because the system uses no syringes, there is a saving of labor and potential waste. The result is more efficient imaging operation. The flexibility to incorporate new protocols for better patient care and higher throughput, adds up to greater profit for the scanning center.

Any power injector can inject contrast media. However, the CT Exprès™ offers a way to control contrast utilization. The system represents significant advances in cost management, workflow, automation and flexible programming. These factors make CT Exprès™ an ideal cost management and patient care enhancing tool for the radiology practice.

CT Expres
Ease of use


  • easy preparation – 30 seconds between two patients


  • automated locking and filling


  • cleaning requirements minimized


  • training simplified with built-in  interactive videos


  • information at your fingertips at the patient’s side and in the control room
Patient safety


  • air detectors minimize risk of air injection in to patient


  • pressure detector in tubing line


  • single use disposable


  • fluid can only flow one way, in the direction of the patient
Minimum waste / cost prevention


  • use only the amount of contrast media required for the procedure


  • saline flush available for every examination without further preparation


  • automatic switch over between bottles ensures minimal contrast media wastage


  • easy access to pre-programmed protocols via touch screen icons


  • open platforms to accommodate a large array of contrast media bottles and volumes


  • flexible mounting options


  • injection history stored on system


  • DiluJect™ allows fast sequential phasing of contrast and saline

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