Empower CTA+


Efficiency and Control at your fingertips


The Empower CTA+ Injector System is the robust and intuitive syringe-based injector for CT imaging by Bracco, re-engineered in order to ensure operational efficiencies and patient safety.

Advanced safety features


  • SALINE ADVANCE: Delivered via pendant switch or key on the injector at the patient's side prior to starting the procedure, allows for the use of saline to test patency and vein integrity
  • SALINE JUMP: Allows for the immediate advancement to saline (once opacification has been reached), minimizing the contrast a patient receivese
  • GFR CALCULATOR: Assists the facility in determining the patient's renal function before contrast media is delivered
  • UNIQUE PATENTED EDATM (extravasation detection accessory)*: Assists the facility to detect, notify, and pause the procedure if possible contrast media extravasation occurs; helps to detect extravasation with patented EDA patch, providing additional patient safety



Streamlined workflow


  • SIMULTANEOUSLY-OPERATING DUAL SYRINGES: Perform during loading and unloading procedures
  • USER- FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY: Digital technology increases user's control and everyday efficiencies
  • PRECISE, EASILY ACCESSIBLE FEATURES: Enable immediate control at the patient's side and in the control room

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*EDA is designed to aid in the detection of extravasations and is not intended as a substitute for proper patient monitoring and good clinical practice.


EDA is a trademark of Bracco Injeneering S.A.