Join us celebrating our new website

We are thrilled to open the doors of our “digital house” created by our people and inhabited by our stories. We live to improve people’s lives by shaping the future of prevention and precision imaging and through the website we provide a clear message of who we are and what we stand for. Moreover, the many photos, stories, podcasts, and more share who the Bracco People are.


This site will allow us to stay close to our community in two ways: by offering the latest information on products, solutions, and devices for patient care and by providing an up-to-date interaction on education thanks to the new “Knowledge” section.


We have also introduced new content in the “Sustainability” area where you can find our annual sustainability report and all the innovative projects that allow us to pursue the path to becoming a fully sustainable company in the near future. This is why you can also find all the materials related to the new "See the full picture" campaign. We strongly believe that a healthy world is a sustainable one and that our patients are too important to make decisions based on a partial picture. See the full picture is our goal.


In addition, the new website has an innovative visual identity based on the concept “Simplify to Amplify” to better communicate to our customers, distribution partners, educational professionals, and all our communities. A clean design and a consistent and intuitive navigation system, with improved menu functionality, allow the user to get easily the most relevant information. safeguards the past and history and looks to the future by building authentic and up-to-date communication. It is one of the most important parts of our digital transformation journey, created to be ever closer to people through the huge effort of Bracco People.


Stay tuned for more information and join us on our Digital Transformation Journey on the new