Innovating for the Future of Radiology¹

Grant Funding Empowers Transformative Research and Solutions

As a leading diagnostic imaging solutions company in the dynamic field of radiology, Bracco Diagnostics Inc. is committed to embracing innovation and progress as essential drivers for enhancing health care and ultimately improving patients’ lives. Grant funding plays a critical role in the advancement of the industry and provides the invaluable resources investigators need to conduct groundbreaking research and make technological breakthroughs within the diagnostic imaging space. By investing in grants, Bracco supports the most talented and innovative minds in radiology, and has the support they need to drive innovation and make transformative contributions to patient care.


Highlighting the Impact of Investments by Bracco
Every investment made into the Bracco’s grant recipients’ investigations has the potential to revolutionize radiology research and education. The impact of the company’s investments in radiology research is evident in these remarkable achievements:


Manuscript Publications
The research conducted by Bracco’s grant recipients has resulted in over 59 published manuscripts. Notably, 32 of these manuscripts feature the grant recipients as the first and second authors. Each publication highlights the invaluable insights and advancements made by the grantees and their research teams, contributing significantly to the field of radiology.



59 manuscripts published



Additional Funding
The grant investments made by Bracco have a ripple effect, demonstrated by the fact that the grant recipients secured over $167 million in additional funding. These funds empower researchers to further their investigations, expand their projects, and make even greater advancements in radiology. The results from these initial investments showcase the impact of the recognition and support garnered by their initial grant-funded work.



$167 million in additional funding



Radiology Patents

Beyond research and publications, Bracco’s grant recipients have made remarkable discoveries that have resulted in the generation of six patents. These patents demonstrate the tangible impact of grant investments in fostering innovation and research. These patents can open up new avenues for commercialization and collaboration.


six patents generated



New Business Ventures
Grant funding not only enables research, education, and investigation but, in the case of Bracco’s investment, led to the exploration of new business ventures. Fostering these entrepreneurial ventures is just another way that grant funding actively inspires the translation of research into practical solutions. This only accelerates the development and commercialization of new technologies, ultimately enhancing patient care and driving progress in the field of radiology.


two start-ups founded


Snowball Effect of Innovation: Bracco’s Financial Investments Fund the Future of Radiology
Bracco’s unwavering commitment to grant funding in radiology has proven instrumental in driving innovation, empowering radiological leaders, and catalyzing transformative advancements in patient care. The achievements that resulted from their grant investments, including groundbreaking publications, additional funding for research, the generation of patents, and the creation of new start-ups, demonstrate the far-reaching impact of grant funding initiatives. These accomplishments have created a snowball effect of innovation, attracting further funding from reputable institutions and inspiring future researchers and grant recipients


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