We share 5 core Values


At Bracco, we have a growing focus on building and nurturing our Values around the people.
The current Bracco Values were formalized and launched in 2021:


Passion, Continuous Evolution, Sustainability, Extraordinary, and People.


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We care about your

Readying the workforce for digital opportunities - BeDigital
Our People,
Our added value

Since the official launch of the Values, the goal was to make them as true as possible, lived and felt by our global team. This is why we launched the Listening Moment project in 2022. This initiative – involving more than 2000 Bracco People – thoroughly examined and defined how the Values are felt, lived and shared by colleagues around the world. Because, what value do values have if they do not align with and accommodate the needs and expectations, pain points, and challenges that our people face daily? The Listening Moment set out to ensure they do just that.


Through interviews, workshops, and brainstorming sessions, a lot of ideas and suggestions were collected. This led to the definition of a global Bracco organizational cartography, a picture of our group, from Bracco People perspective. This was the beginning, a lot more will come: a path made for the people, by the people.



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digital transformation
Getting ready for the
Digital transformation

Working at Bracco means working at a company with an important digital focus – setting ambitious digital objectives. But it also means working at a company that wants to ensure everyone is digital-ready.


Born in 2021, BeDIGITAL is the very first Bracco training program specifically focused on shaping the right digital mindset, knowledge, and culture as well as empowering employees with digital agility. To ensure we’re professionally prepared when facing change and innovation within the context of digital.

More than a feedback
Creating a shared dialogue culture

At Bracco, we believe development is only possible if psychological safety and an ongoing feedback culture are present. This is why we developed C.H.A.T., a global program dedicated to all employees, aimed at creating a shared dialogue culture.


Dialogue culture means creating the ground for an ongoing conversation between manager and employee, peers and teams. So, the purpose of C.H.A.T. is to set shared practices of dialogue. How? C.H.A.T. is made of four key elements: understanding how to set Clear expectations; understanding our own cognitive and emotional Habits; creating alliances, and effectively managing feedback, or ... Talk.


This program is more than a moment to give and receive feedback, it is also aimed at understanding how to look at own development – it being objectives, goals, or purpose. Dialogue and psychological safety are the center of attention, explored with interactive, hands-on exercises, live classes, and webinars.

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