What does innovation mean to Bracco?

A conversation with Fabio Tedoldi, Head of Global Research & Development at Bracco Imaging.

Bracco Innovation at ECR2024
Innovation is one of the major topics for ECR but also for us as a company. 

Today we want to go on along the path that we have created and, even if we have just launched two novel diagnostic agents, we are working to go beyond and develop further innovative solutions.

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Watch the full interview to learn more about Bracco's commitment to innovation and how the company is looking forward to meeting the healthcare challenges of the future.

Fabio Tedoldi at ECR 2024

At ECR2024, Fabio Tedoldi, Head of Global Research & Development at Bracco Imaging, engaged in a conversation on Innovation with Mélisande Rouger of Diagnostic Imaging Europe (DIE), the leading pan-European resource for medical imaging news, analysis, and trends. 

He delved into Bracco's extensive history of innovation, highlighting that the company has introduced numerous significant advancements since the 1980s. 

Bracco Ecr 2024

The first non-ionic X-ray contrast agent in 1981, the first high-relaxation MRI agent in the 1990s, and the ultrasound contrast agent with the largest number of indications in the 2000s. Recently, Bracco has launched a second generation MR agent and is continuing its efforts to innovate further.


 “With MR, we are working on contrast media with different pragmatic metals in order to make them more sustainable” he said. “In PET, we don’t only want to target PSMA, but also, for instance, the fibroblast activation protein, and we want to move ultrasound into the era of precision medicine.

ECR2024 Bracco innovation corner

Fabio also emphasized the crucial role of R&D in driving innovation forward, with a focus on sustainability and precision medicine. 
The aging population will lead to more examinations to take care of older people, and a reduced number of people paying for that any patient that needs a Contrast-Enhanced procedure must have the procedure (…). In our manufacturing, we have to adopt very innovative processes and we have to make it all sustainable.