How Bracco Reached New Heights in 2023

Innovation in MRI, Sustainability & Education

Cosimo De Pinto, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

"Customer support, innovation, and sustainability marked 2023"


according to Cosimo De Pinto, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bracco Diagnostics Inc., who was interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Melisande Rouger of Diagnostic Imaging Europe straight after RSNA2023.


Read on to learn more about Bracco’s highlights and how the company will tackle the challenges that lie ahead in the diagnostic imaging space.

What did Bracco showcase at RSNA this year?

RSNA 2023 - Bracco Booth

We’re always very proud to be part of the RSNA meeting and our booth is always the centerpiece to showcase all that we do. Our presence at RSNA allows us to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to imaging with a focus on four main areas: science, safety, innovation, and our support to our customers.


We showcased our comprehensive portfolio, but in addition, this year, we also highlighted our ongoing global commitment to sustainability. We are proud that Bracco received the 2023 Gold Medal from EcoVadis, which is one of the most trusted sustainability rating agencies in the world. 


An important part of our mission is our strong emphasis on global sustainability and community welfare, which was well represented in our booth this year.

It sounds like Bracco continues to be very focused on their customers, and what matters to them…


Absolutely. Our customers and their patients are at the heart of what we do. In that vein, we invest heavily in education and training programs for imaging professionals.


Something else which sets us apart is that we’re a family-owned and run company at the forefront of the diagnostic industry, an industry we’ve been (solely) committed to for almost 100 years. 


In short, RSNA is the ideal opportunity to meet with and listen to our customers and industry partners to make sure we’re hitting the mark.

You had a very intriguing theme this year – Unlocking the Invisible. Can you tell us more about that?


Well, Unlocking the Invisible is our master brand concept and our chosen theme for RSNA2023. Unlocking the Invisible speaks to the transformative power of diagnostic imaging to reveal the unseen within the human body, all with the single aim of improving patient lives.


In the broader scene, it also symbolizes Bracco’s singular commitment to innovation and collaboration within the medical community, again pointing to improving patient lives.

Please tell us about the experience with VUEWAY® (Gadopiclenol) injection in the U.S. and the symposium you organized at RSNA2023 called "The Future is Now: The Novel GBCA Gadopiclenol".

We’re very excited about VUEWAY® (Gadopiclenol) injection

U.S. customers have been using this product since February, and since then we’ve seen early adoption of VUEWAY® at some of the most prestigious academic medical centers and IDNs throughout the country.


The feedback has been positive and we’re very pleased with how it’s performing in routine clinical practice and meeting customers’ needs.

During the congress we sponsored a symposium where three leading experts shared their personal experiences using VUEWAY® in neuro, body, and breast MRI. I’m happy to say that the symposium was very well attended and received; the future sure is bright for VUEWAY®!


Bracco strongly supports the imaging community, notably through its “Leaders on the Horizon” Residency Program.

What is this program and what does it mean to Bracco and the radiology community?


We’re proud to support this residency program which is fundamentally designed to honor the next generation of radiology leaders.


As a leader in diagnostic imaging, Bracco has an unwavering commitment to education and providing the radiology community with the support it needs to thrive.


The program, which is supported through an unrestricted educational grant to Applied Radiology, offers radiology residents opportunities to be recognized for their outstanding clinical research while expanding their knowledge of the imaging industry. We were thrilled that this year the program was expanded globally and to all imaging modalities.

How does it work exactly?


Well, fundamentally it’s a competition, whereby scholarships are awarded to the top six radiology residents who submit research papers. Three of those are clinical research papers and the other three are clinical review articles.


While on the topic of Bracco’s passion for supporting educational endeavors, I’d like to highlight that we are into our third year of a ten-year commitment to donate $450,000 to the RSNA Research & Education (R&E) Foundation. We are immensely proud to support the RSNA in their educational efforts.

As you look back at 2023,
how would you summarize the main highlights for Bracco?

Well, there’s a lot I could say in response to that question. However, let me focus on two key areas. Firstly, let me talk about VUEWAY® (Gadopiclenol) injection. The launch of this novel agent in February is the result of a collaboration between two companies, to bring customers a new MRI product in the most effective way. This launch has enabled us to offer customers a new choice when considering an MRI agent for their patients. VUEWAY® allows customers to consider a different dosing regimen while at the same time offering a high-relaxivity agent, and this has proven to be an excellent combination evidenced by our customers’ positive response.


Then I’d say innovation was a big focus for us in ’23. Innovation serves as another testament to our customer commitment, enabling Bracco to deliver quality and efficiencies that help make a difference for our customers and their patients.

In 2023 Bracco entered into an agreement with Subtle Medical, Inc. to explore new AI algorithms to help better understand how AI can play a role in contrast-enhanced MR imaging. This agreement marries Bracco's expertise in diagnostic imaging with Subtle Medical's cutting-edge AI technology for image acquisition. By integrating AI into contrast-enhanced MRI, the partnership aims to achieve sharper image quality, faster interpretation times, and ultimately, superior patient diagnostics and care.

Can you share any insight into Bracco’s innovation priorities for next year?


First and foremost, our focus always remains on our customers, so we view innovation through that lens. When it comes to MRI, we think it is important to leverage our experience with VUEWAY® in the U.S. and do all we can to make this available to patients around the world. For this reason, it will be crucial to launch VUEWAY® injection in the EU and the rest of the world next year.


I believe AI will play a critical role in the medical imaging community moving forward, therefore we will continue to focus on how we can combine our experience as a global leader in diagnostic imaging with the technologies of the future to stay ahead of the game.

What are the current challenges in the diagnostic imaging space today and how does the company intend to overcome them?


Customers are experiencing significant procedural growth at a time when they’re being asked to do more with less. This results in unprecedented downward pressure from a human resource standpoint and workflow considerations.


At Bracco, our goal is to help customers navigate these challenges. We offer solutions in every modality including contrast imaging agents, contrast delivery systems, informatics solutions, and other service options. So we’re working together with our customers to ensure that we can help support them as they continue to work through this extraordinary growth in the industry.

Any parting words?

RSNA 2023 - Bracco

I’m proud of this family-owned company because it stands at the forefront of the diagnostic industry, offering an unmatched array of first-to-market diagnostic and contrast solutions, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to science, safety, and innovation.


With a renowned sales and clinical support team, the company prioritizes customer satisfaction and retention through extensive educational and training programs, while ensuring strong reimbursement support.


Furthermore, Bracco emphasizes global sustainability and community welfare, differentiating itself by focusing on customers rather than the bottom line.

Article written by DI EUROPE

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