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At the end of the day
It’s about the patients

We are committed to being remarkable in everything we do; to staying ahead of the game, going beyond boundaries, and building on what we know.


Our objective is to develop and deliver imaging solutions that meet the needs and expectations of a dynamic market and to empower and enable global healthcare professionals to offer patients the high-quality care they deserve.

Our modality areas

Bracco Imaging offers an industry-leading product and solution portfolio for all key modalities. Access below to get an in-depth look at the particularities of each modality area.

Nurse comforting patient that is on his way into the MRI machine

We offer a range – we’d go so far as to say an exhaustive range – of contrast media that enhance visualization and patient compliance, and, of course, help you meet your patients' needs.

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Patient in MRI machine

Our MRI clinical application solutions allow magnetic resonance professionals to offer their patients a personal scanning experience where stability, safety, and efficacy are assured.

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With ultrasound imaging, detail is key, and our ultrasound imaging agents and devices help sonographers and other healthcare professionals create highly detailed pictures of soft tissue structures.

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Nuclear medicine
Nuclear medicine

At Bracco Imaging, we specialize in nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals that allow experts to examine organ function and structure, diagnose diseases, and locate infections with accuracy and reliability.

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Interventional cardiology
Interventional cardiology

Optimize your clinical protocols and make only informed and responsible interventional decisions with some of the best diagnostic imaging and contrast injection technologies the market has to offer.

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