Our governance structure

Good governance is based on transparency and collegial decision-making processes. There are 56 people working on the various Boards of Directors of the Group's subsidiaries. The Board of Directors of the parent company, Bracco S.p.A., is composed of 9 members, 4 of whom are women. We at Bracco understand that to ensure transparent management and a correct supervision of ESG performance formal organizational arrangements must be in place such as:

  • Supervisory Body as per Italian Legislative Decree 231/01.
  • Sustainability Committee, a multidisciplinary team comprised of executives that supports the sustainability agenda and monitor the delivery of its targets, and oversees Human Rights Policy, expression of Bracco’s commitment to respect internationally recognized human rights.

  • Key business functions to champion environmental sustainability, including Research & Development, Design & Development, and Corporate Health & Safety.

  • Team GIN-CO2, a multifunctional team dedicated to the management of objectives aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and the circular economy.


This commitment to governance, plus a strong code of ethics, unambiguous policies and legislative decrees, and personal data protection, guarantee transparency and good practice – both for our own people and for the stakeholders that interact with our business.

About transparency
+4424 employees

employees trained on Model 231 and the Code of Ethics from 2019-2021

~1700 employees

trained on the privacy program since the start of the project

~4000 people

trained in anti-corruption procedures and policies since the start of the program

Respect for human rights
Equality, diversity, inclusion

At Bracco, we are committed to creating a positive work environment, free from direct and indirect discrimination.

Diversity creates innovation

Bracco resists gender stereotypes and promotes meritocratic working conditions that enable everyone – regardless of gender, age, nationality, and sexual orientation – to reach their potential and benefit from equal work opportunities. As a company built on ideas, we believe that a diverse group of talented individuals is our greatest resource.

women in leadership
Increasing the participation of 
Women in leadership

An important component of inclusion is ensuring greater participation of women in leadership at all business decision levels. To this end, Bracco has adopted policies and guidelines to increase opportunities for women to hold key positions, strengthened learning and educational initiatives on leadership and management for women, and set targets and annual monitoring to support the inclusion of women in managerial positions.


Our work can make a difference in the economic and social well-being of stakeholders. Running a transparent organisation is part of what drives our progress on both an individual and company-wide level. Compliance with laws, as well as a strong sense of reliability and integrity are a part of our DNA. Anyone who participates directly or indirectly in the company's activities must ensure compliance with the highest ethical standards.

Bracco’s commitment to respect internationally recognized human rights


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