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The increasing demand for diagnostic imaging exams – as a consequence of the recent pandemic – means an increased workload for healthcare professionals. And resources are limited. Also, there is a need to manage the potential of increasingly powerful imaging technology.


In this scenario, AI opportunities could be many. But it’s key for all the players in the field to identify a focus and a strategic perimeter, adopting criteria of clinical relevance and strategic coherence that can guarantee evident and measurable results for healthcare professionals and their patients. Bracco is responsibly aware of its reputation in the sector in which it operates, and of its role within the workflow that leads to the generation of the diagnostic image. This is why we want to continue to offer an increasingly accurate, efficient, and timely diagnosis. We also want to leverage the AI potential to do so.


Bracco is focusing on three main areas of application:



Imaging workflow


Optimization of the

contrast procedure

Some initiatives
How we leverage AI

The use of artificial intelligence in medicine is getting more and more attention in the last few years. The AI community is working on several ideas for its use in hospitals, from automated image diagnosis to workflow management.


Obviously, Bracco is in the race toward the digital future. Our R&D teams are always looking into new ideas and technologies for applying business intelligence, machine learning, and AI to our solutions.

Imaging AIgents
A necessary act
Imaging AIgents

In May 2020, Bracco R&D launched the AIgents project for managing AI-related activities carried out at the Centro Ricerche Bracco in Italy and the Bracco Research Center in Geneva. 


Collaborating with hospitals, external companies, and other departments and companies of the Bracco Group is also pivotal for the AIgents project to fill knowledge and functional gaps and have access to clinical information and data. For this very reason, Bracco R&D has established collaborations with several clinical and academic Institutions and technology partners around the world.

The AIforCOVID initiative
An initiative for life

The AIforCOVID initiative is a non-profit multicenter research project aimed at strengthening the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The project – launched during the first wave of the pandemic – is promoted by Bracco and its subsidiary company Centro Diagnostico Italiano.


The desire? To support the development of innovative AI methods for predicting the clinical outcomes in patients with COVID-19. The learning? Applying AI capabilities to chest X-rays proved to be a valuable technique for the global scientific community to access and share radiological and clinical data, and find innovative solutions to combat the disease.

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