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MRI contrast agents are used to improve the visibility of pathological tissue and can increase further the diagnostic value of MRI. Contrast agents are frequently used for the diagnosis of oncological, ischemic, or inflammatory diseases in all body regions including the central nervous system (CNS), breast, abdomen, pelvis, and the musculoskeletal system. 


Contrast agents are intravenously administered to the patient either by hand injection or by an automated injector. Injector-based contrast agent administration provides a standardized and repeatable bolus shape by using a preselected contrast volume with an injection flow rate, optimized to the need of the particular examination.

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MRI professionals take their patients’ disease management seriously. For contrast-enhanced scans, different patients require different needs of a contrast agent, whether it be higher relaxivity, product stability, or specific contrast properties. 


When you partner with Bracco, you are teaming up with a trusted expert in contrast-enhanced MRI who can provide you with a customized imaging solution for every situation thanks to our comprehensive portfolio of contrast agents and injectors.


Our portfolio of contrast agents provides you with the power of choice: the confidence to choose and decide upon the right contrast agent for the right patient, including special populations such as pediatrics or renally impaired patients.


Our enduring mission is to innovate and expand the possibilities of contrast-enhanced MRI while placing the welfare of the patient at the center of all we do.   

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