ISOVUE® (iopamidol injection)


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Bracco was proud to launch the first ready-to-use non-ionic contrast agent, Isovue®, in 1981. This agent helped consolidate Bracco, as a global leader in the X-Ray contrast media market and research. Since the launch of Isovue® in 1981 many other non-ionic compounds have been made available, however, Isovue® remains the non-ionic agent of choice for thousands of clinicians world-wide. Isovue® is sold in more than 80 countries through affiliates, partners, distributors and licensees 1.

Its long history and unique physicochemical properties 2 have gained Isovue® many unique distinctions, including:


  • The first ready-to-use non-ionic agent with the 370 mg/mL concentration 1
  • The subject of over 2000 scientific publications 3
  • Administered in over 400 million doses 1
  • Approved in a wide range of indications (including pediatric), concentrations and volumes 2
  • A proven safety profile 4, 5
  • The advent of MDCT and new CT applications (cardiac, vascular, perfusion, etc) required clinicians to adjust their contrast protocols in particular in terms of volume, concentration and administration rate. Many renowned experts strongly promote the use of high concentration non-ionic agents in an effort to best exploit contrast utilization 6. The use of high concentration best matches the speed and power of multi-slice scanners, providing earlier, higher and shorter enhancement peak.
  • Furthermore, Isovue® has proven to be well tolerated in many study cohorts. In particular, in renally-impaired patients. Two large comparative studies show that the risk of CIN (Contrast Induced Nephropathy), when the highly concentrated Iopamiro-370 is used in CT or during catheter endovascular procedures even in a subset of patients with diabetes, is not statistically different from that of iodixanol-320 4, 5, which provides inferior enhancement in first pass MDCT 7.
  • The efficacy of high iodine concentration and the positive results even in patients at risk of developing CIN make Isovue® particularly indicated also for intra-arterial use in angiography and cardiangiography procedures where the volume of contrast and the risk of renal complications are highest 5

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