• Established in 1927, the Bracco Group is today a healthcare multinational operating in 100 countries worldwide

  • Iopamidol, the fruit of Bracco's research, has forever changed the history of imaging
  • Bracco has research centres in Ivrea, Geneva, Princeton and Minneapolis, and collaborates with prestigious Universities across the globe

  • In all areas of diagnostic imaging Bracco offers gold standard products as well as the most advanced contrast media technologies


Bracco Imaging Expands Portfolio of Personalized Diagnostics with the Acquisition of Blue Earth Diagnostics

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Bracco Corporate video

Bracco Corporate Video


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Bracco Corporate Social Responsibility web site

Bracco for a Sustainable Future

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Bracco Worldwide

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Our products

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Fondazione Bracco

Commitment to culture, research and to the social

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Bracco: a special commendation for its project: "Taking Care in COVID-19 Times".

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Statement of Bracco Imaging CEO Fulvio Renoldi Bracco on the COVID-19 outbreak

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Diana Bracco at the workshop "Diagnosis and therapy: a look into the future" during Meet in Italy 2019 in Trieste

Diana Bracco at the Meet in Italy 2019 in Trieste
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Our commitment to imaging diagnostics and life science: interview with Diana Bracco

Diana Bracco: "We are world leaders in diagnostics thanks to a family that has always stood shoulder-to-shoulder"
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