EuSoMII/Bracco AI Contest

at the EuSoMII Annual Meeting

EuSoMII / Bracco AI Contest
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Hands-on workshop pertaining the training, validation and testing of Artificial Intelligence models. Participants are radiology residents, young radiologists, radiographers, data scientists, medical physicists and computer scientists under the age of 40.


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Aptly titled "AI: Connecting the dots," this event brought together minds from different corners of the medical and radiology world to explore the boundless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.


Within this context, was a captivating contest dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Organized by EuSoMII and the EuSoMII Young Club in partnership with Bracco, and powered by InferVision medical research platform (InferScholar), it was a fusion of talent, innovation, and a touch of friendly rivalry.

EuSoMII/Bracco AI Contest
Create an AI tool that could be used in clinical practice

The goals were crystal clear: uncover the essential steps in developing AI models, find the sweet spot of collaboration between different domains for peak performance, master the intricate language of diagnostic imaging in the realm of machine learning, and sharpen communication skills for research. The air was electric with fervor and dedication. In addition, the event aimed to foster critical discussions on the technical and collaborative aspects of AI.

Teams learned to work interdisciplinary to improve their specific knowledge
EUSOMII Bracco Contest

The teams rolled up their sleeves with enthusiasm, pooling their wisdom and engaging with the experts in the room to arrive at the finest solution. Even the jury couldn't hide their satisfaction and admiration for the passion and energy emanating from each participant.

EUSOMII Bracco Contest

After hours of intensive collaboration at their workstations and under the collaborative gaze of the judges, the competition culminated in a 2 minute pitch where each team unveiled their “creations” and the technical wizardry behind them. They also underscored the importance of their team's unique blend of expertise from different disciplines.

The teams blend: young professionals from all over the world


The participation was large and varied, both in terms of gender (33% of the participants were women) and geographical origin.


This event saw representatives from various corners of Europe and the world, with 60% hailing from Italy and the rest from Holland (12%), Greece (9%), the UK (6%), Taiwan (3%), Argentina (3%), Portugal (3%), and Poland (3%).

Choosing the winners was no easy task for the jury
EUSOMII Bracco contest

They had to assess not only the performance of the AI models but also the commitment of the teams, their ability to collaborate, their skill in presenting their work, answering questions, and engaging with the jury.

EUSOMII Bracco Contest

In the end, it was Maria Emanuela Cuibari, a radiology resident, Kevin Groot Lipman, a technical physician, and Francesco Mariotti, a medical physicist, who stood tall as the winners.


But the spotlight also shone on Moreno Zanardo, Facundo Nahuel Diaz, Lorenzo Tumminello, Agata Nowelli, João Santinha, and Christofis Charalambous, all of whom played an indispensable role in this captivating AI contest.

Connecting the dots


The thread that wove its way through the whole contest was growing enthusiasm. It was evident at every turn, even during the spirited end-of-work cocktail party.


Words like collaboration, interdisciplinarity, but also friendship, and fun echoed throughout the event, reminding everyone that building the future of AI it's about uniting professionals from diverse backgrounds and from different countries with unique healthcare regulations to foster and promote a sense of unity in achieving extraordinary solutions.


So, what does "connecting the dots" truly signify if not the coming together of professionals from varied fields, each with a unique perspective, and the bridging of international borders?


To make AI a tangible and life-changing asset for patients, a multitude of skills and knowledge must converge, and this is the path on which Bracco is diligently treading together with its Partners.

The Jury


Merel Huisman
EuSoMII, Chair Young Club Committee


Erik Ranschaert
EuSoMII, Chair Education Committee


Peter van Ooijen
EuSoMII, President


Sun Yipeng
InferVision, EU Division Director


Sonia Colombo
Bracco Imaging, Global R&D