Diana Bracco: "We all need to do our part to reduce CO₂ emissions."

The Bracco Group publishes the Environmental Report every year to document the seriousness and consistency of its commitment to the environment, health and safety.


"Among all of our concrete aims, the one that stands out the most is reducing the impact of our production," states Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Group, describing the 23rd publication of the report.


"Of particular importance to us, both on a regional and global scale, are CO2 and other climate-altering gas emissions. At Ceriano Laghetto, our most important manufacturing facility, a reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne produced of over 20% was registered while in our other Italian plant, Torviscosa, there was a 16% drop. These results have been achieved by optimizing process efficiency using the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) system which helps identify waste and increases manufacturing efficiency, allowing for less "down time" in syntheses, ensuring greater efficiency and, therefore, reduced energy consumption. Bracco’s commitment to sustainable development also extends to the strategic decision to build our new facilities not on greenfield sites but rather in areas with an existing chemical footprint that may be redeveloped," adds Diana Bracco.


"We are proud because this approach yields two positive outcomes: avoiding the development of new lands while at the same time revitalizing historic Italian manufacturing sites, which are a part of the country’s heritage that should not be abandoned."