ECR 2023

ECR 2023

The cycle of life is not just a matter of time. It is much more than the linear sequence of changes that occurs in a life span. It is a matter of quality. It is a path that starts in the past and continues much later than our life experience. A framework of images, from yesterday to tomorrow.

The life cycle is knowledge, memory and empathy. A careful look at the present and towards the future.


We are part of this cycle: with decades of expertise in medical imaging, Bracco can reassure patients and improve their quality of life by unlocking the invisible, providing innovative solutions to discover the causes of problems that the human eye would not be able to see.


As we are part of the whole environment image, we care about sustainability, that starts from learning the potential cost and resource savings originated by our scientific effort - as well as optimizing each step of our production, to have as much respect for the planet as we have for the human body.


And finally, we look to the future. AI is impacting the world of healthcare, but we should not fear innovation.

Bracco is here to guide you in the discovery potentially further life cycles.

Because life starts from inside.

Bracco Cares about Sustainability
Why Bracco cares about sustainability

Bracco knows the importance of sustainability and embraces the central role it plays in clinical imaging. That's why we want to share our vision with you, at ECR2023.


We have chosen a holistic approach to sustainability, a state of mind that permeates our strategic approaches: conserving energy and resources, reducing emissions and waste, and choosing the right materials. We believe that sustainability is not just a goal, but an ongoing process and commitment. It is part of the cycle of life.


At ECR 2023, Bracco Imaging is proud to announce to have joined the UN Global Compact initiative, aligning our sustainability history with the 10 United Nations principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. Come and visit us and collect our brochure. We will be happy to share our commitment to sustainability with you, to create a more sustainable future together.

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Our vision about AI in clinical imaging
Our vision about AI in medical imaging

When we explore the possibilities of tomorrow, it's always through the eyes of radiology professionals. Your challenges are our challenges. Your opportunities are our opportunities.


Innovation is an attitude that Bracco pursues with cautious optimism, respect, responsibility, and care. That's why artificial intelligence is part of our present, not just a vision of the future.


At ECR 2022, we asked radiology professionals to embark on a journey with us. We surveyed them and they shared their need to get used to such a powerful technology, but also their positive feelings.


Artificial intelligence has the potential to add significant value to the diagnostic imaging ecosystem. And it has already shown that it can enhance many aspects of the imaging value chain, beyond image interpretation.


At ECR2023, we will continue our journey together. It's our turn to give back: come visit the BRACCOforAI corner and follow us to learn more about artificial intelligence. Are you ready to unlock AI?

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Join Bracco at ECR 2023,
ACV Entrance level (Congress building), Foyer E.

Follow our 3 simposia highlighting the need for improved sustainability in MR contrast imaging, to understand how newer imaging practices might help, to demonstrate the considerable diagnostic value of PC-CT for cardiac imaging and to outline how patient management can be improved by establishing CEUS in routine clinical practice.

Are we entering a new age of MR contrast Imaging?

Thursday, March 2nd. 11.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.

Central European Time (CET)

Are we entering a new age of MR contrast imaging?


Moderator: Professor Christian Herold

  • MR imaging of today and tomorrow: trends, predictions and expectations
    Professor Carlo Catalano.
  • Will new gadolinium agents herald a new era in MR imaging?
    Professor Giles Roditi.
  • Addressing environmental impact: the need for improved sustainability in MR contrast imaging
    Professor Carlo Quattrocchi.
CEUS to improve workflow of patients with focal liver lesions

Thursday, March 2nd. 12.30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Central European Time (CET).

Joint symposium with Siemens

CEUS as an asset to improve workflow of patients with focal liver lesions


Moderator: Thomas Fischer, Charité University Hospital Berlin

  • Welcome and Introduction
    Thomas Fischer.
  • Assessing the impact of CEUS on workflow of patients with incidental focal liver lesions
    Nick Proctor, Access Infinity London.
  • Implementing CEUS in the management of patients with incidental focal liver lesions: our experience
    Annamaria Deganello, King's College Hospital London.
Photon counting CT a new challenge for contrast administration?

Friday, March 3rd 12.30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Central European Time (CET)

Photon-counting CT: a new challenge or contrast administration?


Moderator: Professor Thomas Kröncke (Augsburg)

  • PC-CT: a technical and diagnostic advance
    Professor Thomas Kröncke.
  • Cardiac Imaging with PC-CT
    Professor Filippo Cademartiri (Pisa).
  • PC-CT for non-cardiac applications
    Professor Dietmar Tamandl (Vienna).