AIforCOVID: "Best Scientific Collaboration Program of the Year"

The AIforCOVID non-profit project, promoted during the COVID-19 pandemic by CDI Centro Diagnostico Italiano and Bracco Imaging in collaboration with some important Italian hospitals and research centers, was awarded as "Best Scientific Collaboration Program of the Year" at LIFE SCIENCE EXCELLENCE AWARD 2021.


The award is the most authoritative recognition that the Popular Science magazine (published for almost 150 years in the United States), gives to projects of excellence, to innovative products and to scientists who have distinguished themselves in the last year in the scientific medical world.


The AIforCOVID platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms capable of predicting the prognosis of COVID-19 patients starting from x-rays and clinical data obtained at the time of hospital admission, in order to improve treatment and optimize the triage. At the end of the study, the results of the project were available to the entire international scientific community through the AIforCOVID Imaging Archive data-sharing platform.