Bracco Imaging Announces Global Collaboration Agreement with Guerbet for Gadopiclenol

Earlier today, Bracco Imaging announced a global strategic collaboration agreement with Guerbet for Gadopiclenol, a high-relaxivity, macrocyclic contrast agent. Bracco Imaging and Guerbet will manufacture, as well as support research and development for future indications of Gadopiclenol, which the parties will commercialize independently under different brands.

Bracco Imaging and Guerbet both own valuable intellectual property Gadopiclenol. In March 2021, positive results from two Phase III studies comparing the diagnostic efficacy and safety of Gadopiclenol, which uses half the dose of gadolinium compared to Gadobutrol, in a wide range of indications, covering the central nervous system and various other anatomical areas (head and neck, thorax, breast, abdomen, pelvis, musculoskeletal system) were published by Guerbet. The first marketing authorizations are anticipated in 2023, initially in the United States and the European Union (EU), with other geographies to follow.

The decision to collaborate with Guerbet on Gadopiclenol expands Bracco Imaging’s already strong MRI offering which, once approved, will include a total of three different products to address global medical need. Additionally, through this collaboration, our goal is to accelerate our capabilities and explore untapped research for an agent that has the potential to offer earlier detection, and which could result in meaningful health benefits.

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