Looking beyond is not enough, going beyond is required: Bracco unveils the contents of The Beauty of Imaging

Bracco has brought to Dubai the Italian model of research and innovation in the life sciences sector, presenting cutting-edge solutions in the field of health, safety and prevention, taking the application of artificial intelligence to diagnostic imaging as a starting point. "The integration of molecular biology, biotechnology and digital is revolutionizing medicine. Italy is a pulsating hub of this revolution", stated Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Group. In 2015, she was also President of Expo 2015 S.p.A. and Commissioner-General of the Italy Pavilion.


As part of the displays in the Italy Pavilion in Dubai, the Bracco Group has mounted a large-scale multimedia installation, focusing on the union between the arts and sciences. Entitled The Beauty of Imaging, it offers multimedia scientific content to visitors from all over the world, to raise their awareness of the importance of predictive, personalized medicine. The Giant is 4 metres tall and consists of 82 screens, divided into 225 ultra-high-definition LED tiles. A work of great emotional impact that tells Expo visitors of the extraordinary beauty of the human body, observing it from the inside. "We've become used to leading the world in the diagnostic imaging sector", noted Diana Bracco.


The Beauty of Imaging is a major, totemic representation of anthropomorphism that draws inspiration from the Classical Greek proportions of the Riace bronzes, with a powerful reference to the genius of Michelangelo, to Giovanni Battista Bracelli – a 17th century engraver and painter, and all the way to the 20th century with Picasso’s reworking of form. Like an explorer, The Beauty of Imaging – designed and created by the Giò Forma firm, Mauro Belloni and Cromazoo – is an imaginative portal that takes visitors on a long journey. The itinerary begins with the tangible, then moves on to a ‘mapless’ exploration inside the human body, down to its minutest components. In a depiction straddling the real world and the imagination, visitors can discover beauty and harmony, as the narration plays out of one of the greatest inventions in modern medicine: diagnostic imaging.


Florian Boje of the Giò Forma firm explained: "We asked ourselves: "what if", what if we could go beyond, into the future and into images. Bracco has put us in a position to work with major talents, and as a team, we are tasked with and have the opportunity to create wonders. We do our best to assist in that magical moment when something ordinary – like the human figure or images – becomes a wonder; it becomes extraordinary."


Mauro Belloni: "Our intention with this installation was to play on a provocation: we call on visitors to proceed through a realm straddling the real and the unreal. Our starting point was the human body, central to the story of imaging. However, we wanted to transcend that, so we transformed The Beauty of Imaging into a portal, one to take you into a different, distant world: the new frontiers of diagnostic imaging."


The Beauty of Imaging installation can be visited at the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, taking place from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.