Read the new Bracco Group Sustainability Report

A transparent account of our sustainability actions and performance: this is The Bracco Group Sustainability Report, the result of data and content collection that involved the main organisational areas of the Group at the global level. A communication tool that speaks about our attention to sustainability, in an economic, environmental and social sense and that tells about our way of acting today with an eye on the future. It defines the commitments we have assumed: first of all to safeguard the health and safety of patients and to ensure quality products and services, to reduce environmental impacts by limiting emissions and consumption, and to promote equality, diversity and welfare inside and outside the company.





Bracco believes that economic growth and sustainability, strategic business choices and protection of the environment must be combined. That’s why we innovate and improve products, services and processes to reduce emissions, responsibly manage natural resources and contribute to a circular economic model. We do this to guarantee the best possible future for new generations.





In a relationship based on fairness and transparency, we agree with our suppliers on the principles of social and environmental responsibility that form the foundation of each phase of our business. Thus our commitment multiplies its positive impact on people, communities and the environment, generating a positive impact throughout the value chain.





Bracco values people's lives: our associates, healthcare operators, patients, and those living in the areas in which we operate. We guarantee an inclusive work environment that is attentive to well-being, where people can give their all to grow and develop increasingly better and safer high-quality products and services. We feel we are part of a community, and our commitment is to contribute to its growth. In this regard, in 2020 we fine-tuned an important diversity and inclusion policy, which is now being adopted by the entire Group throughout the world. Our commitment aims to always support a work environment free from any type of discrimination, whether direct or indirect, from any type of violence or harassment based on personal, political or cultural diversity, also engaging in an effective fight against gender stereotypes.





Transparency and integrity are the values underlying our business. How we achieve our results is just as important as the results themselves. In our business vision, the company’s reputation and business successes are created through ethical business practices and relationships.


Visit the Bracco Group Sustainability Report website.


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