"Talking Images": the Bracco Imaging podcast is starting today

Since its foundation, Bracco’s values and purpose is focused on people and their wellbeing.


Today, this commitment takes the shape of an easy to use and dynamic tool: our podcast "Talking Images", centered on 5 topics, that include Sustainability, Gender Gap, AI, Precision Imaging and Art from Inside. In these episodes, experts led by a host will discuss the topic’s current trends with a look to the future.


This journey begins now with "The Sustainable Way: voices of Action," in which our CEO Fulvio Renoldi Bracco along with Daniele Guadagnolo, Giulia Grancini, Carlo Ratti and Gianvito Vilè, led by host Chiara Davanzo, will explore current trends in this area that is so important to our lives.


So, put your headphones ON and stay with us!


Discover more on braccotalkingimages.com and listen the first episode on spreaker.com.