Expo 2020 Dubai concludes with the Bracco Group as one of its key participants

The Universal Exposition in Dubai has closed its doors with over 24 million in-person visitors recorded. "It’s an amazing turnout during a pandemic, which was also accompanied by the public success of the Italy Pavilion, visited by an impressive one million, six hundred and eleven thousand people, and another thirteen million remote visitors," states Paolo Glisenti, Commissioner General of the Italy Pavilion, who yesterday personally thanked Diana Bracco for her commitment, ideas, content and the numerous projects realized by our company during the exhibition period. "Here in Dubai, the world is changing quickly," adds Glisenti, "and this Expo has truly written the future. Bracco has contributed to essential topics like research, life sciences, artificial intelligence, diagnostic imaging, and women’s empowerment."


The Dubai Expo was not just a showcase, but an event that was able to reaffirm, at a complex time such as this, the message of awareness and genuine globalization which has always characterized these moments. The exposition in Dubai was a global town square, a place to understand others and listen to the youth, imagining a new future culturally, diplomatically, socially and economically.


The Bracco Group, as an Official Gold Sponsor of the Italy Pavilion, brought to Dubai the Italian model of research and innovation in the field of life sciences through a rich program of events.


With the installation "The Beauty of Imaging", which was widely admired and photographed, Bracco showed visitors from all over the world scientific content through a marriage between art and science, successfully illustrating the extraordinary beauty of the human body, seen from the inside. Many representatives of Italian institutions visited "The Beauty of Imaging", greatly appreciating this informative version of our company’s core business: from Luigi Di Maio to Mara Carfagna, from Giancarlo Giorgetti to Patrizio Bianchi, from Maria Cristina Messa to Maria Chiara Carrozza.


Finally, on 24 November 2021, Italy’s National Day at Expo, the Bracco Foundation sponsored a grand concert by Accademia della Scala attended by top dignitaries from Italy as well as other countries.

Maria Chiara Carrozza and Maria Cristina Messa
Maria Chiara Carrozza, president of the National Research Council, and Maria Cristina Messa, minister of University and Research, visit the Italian Pavillon at Dubai 2020 and the Bracco multimedia giant.